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My gallery is rather random. Fan art, photos, CG and marker. COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED, AND ARE A BIG HELP .
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And just like my gallery, I like a little of everything. If you want to mention a picture, just note me. I wouldn't mind.



Due to what had happened with my family, I had to wait to tell my friends on DA about this. I know that my family paid attention to my DA page just as much as they do Face book, and I didn't want to have this news out of the bag early. For my health as well as well-being.
But now that time has passed.

As of September 7, early in the morning, my husband and I became parents. Our little girl, Felicity Dawn, was born. I had been in the hospital since the night of Labor Day. And still had several more days of recovery...……

And I admit, currently, I'm very much sore, and my hormones are all over the map for now. But I am resting, and healing, and our daughter is doing fine.
While I was in the hospital, the scanner was dealt with. So I can try to get some line art up, but it may not be coloring for a bit...

Edit: Still want to share this group.
I did want to share this new group done by :iconartofdroth:. She has a new species out called Burroots, and they are really cute! See this journal here for more.
Edit 2: She also has this raffle up.Lilac and Bunni - RAFFLE OPEN by artofdroth  You can win!
  • Listening to: A bunch off my Ipod
  • Reading: Mainly Shel Silverstien, for now
  • Watching: Star Trek Marathon, after all...
  • Eating: I'll figure it out
  • Drinking: Lots of water, trying to rehydrate


Kay and Tawny by GlyphBellchime
Kay and Tawny
Finally got this colored completely. For the Burroots group. Tawny and Kay.
Burroots are a closed species by :iconartofdroth:, Tawny was done with permission. Kay and Tawny are owned by me.

green -  common
yellow - uncommon
orange - rare
pink - legendary

Name: Tawny
Gender: female
Age: equivalent to a juvenile
Home: Under an Oak, next to, practically growing in an abandoned farm house.

Eyes: Blue
Skin: Human Caucasian with a slight tan
Skin Pattern: None
Fur/Hair: Light brown
Fur/Hair Pattern: None
Ears: Perk
Tail: Fawn
Horns: Nub



Tier One:
Tier Two:
Tier Three:
Tier Four:


By me:Kay and Tawny by GlyphBellchime

By others:
Burroot Tracker- Tawny
Updating my info for my Burroot, Tawny. I do admit that there's still a lot open that I don't know about them, but...
Burroots are a closed species by :iconartofdroth: and the Tracker was created by her as well. Check out the group!
Magic Under the Well by GlyphBellchime
Magic Under the Well
A story based on the Burroots "Magic" topic. Kay, my winged character, meets a family of Burroots, when she tries to seek shelter from a heavy rainstorm.
Burroots is a closed species done by :iconartofdroth: Tawny and her family are done with permission, and they and Kay are owned by me.

Magic Under the Well

The storm came in faster than she thought, catching her out in it. Pulling what wasn't soaked to her skin made Kay only pause for a moment.

Oh! That had been bright, and close, she reacted to the thunder by hiding where she could. The green cloak snagged on bush, as she hurried to the one spot she believed was fairly safe in the drenching rain: the well, old enough that it had the cover of a roof. Barely, as the roof itself had large holes and rotted timbers. The well had been around longer than she could remember, but itself was the normal source of water. The bucket she had used that morning was still on the edge. The well itself was boarded except for an opening, and the stones had been around for generations before her. It gave her life, though she did not love the house she lived in. She took a tired breath, rubbing an old wound on her wrist.

She felt the clamminess of her clothes sticking to her frame. The rain had been too hard to move in, and she couldn't see the remains of the house from where she was. She did try to preen a sticky feather from behind her leg. The ancient burlap sack she had carried over her shoulder was sopping as well. Luckily, her scavenged finds were not easily destroyed by rain.

She hated storms like this. And being caught out in them, just sent her heart to a running pace. Her blue eyes peeked out from under the hood, only to have several drops splatter, blinding one eye, for a moment. She sat down on the edge of the well, just far enough under the overhang to only have a slight mist of rainwater in the air. The trees were dangerous in the rain, because the lightening would travel down to the roots. She wiped her face with her hand.

Only to jump a good foot when another lightning flashed nearby and was quickly followed by a thunderclap. That had been too close! The rain pounded harder, making so much noise she wondered if it was a tornado or hail storm mixed with the rain. Her ears picked up a scratching sound.

“Washes out the burrows, that's what...”

Huh? She knew that her hearing was excellent, far better than most, but to hear a voice, in this? It caused her to look around. Just the rain. And the trees, and the fields of scrub and grasses. But then she realized there had been an echo, like it had come from a stone pipe. She knew it because she sometimes used the drainage ditches to hide from others. She was afraid others might not only find her strange, but hurt her, like the one who raised her did.

“The rainwater will drain soon's the junk that gets washed…”

Kay leaned over the well, now for sure she had heard something. But it was still quite dark down it. It couldn't be the rain…

The thunder cracked again, but she turned back only in time to see several timbers break loose, and towards her head. She tried to dart out of the way, only to have the slick stone crumble under her.

She almost had scream out before, it too, was just an echo among the pounding rain above ground.

She spat out water, trying to not let the cloak sink her. But her fingers soon clenched the rough stone. Pulling with all her might, she got herself out of the well water. She felt a cut on shoulder and head. The timber must have hit her anyway. Her hand hurt suddenly as she scratched it open on the submerged stone. The gunny bag was lost… and so had her work for the night for her food. Plopping down on the rocks, she tried catching her breath.

She laid there a few moments.

“What is that?” the earlier voice was closer now. The complaining one. “I hope it's not another garbage sack. Those...big ones, don't they know how much work it is to keep this stuff drinkable?”

Well, she knew better than that, herself. The well was her cooking and drinking water. She composted her leftovers to grow more…

A pattering, scratchy sound made the sudden headache she was feeling worse. Breathing was a little hard, she probably had swallowed some water and…

Long, dirt covered fingers reached for the cloak.

Kay couldn't move! Not in fear. Too exhausted for that. She couldn't breathe. But the fingers let go as they saw her hand.

“It's- it's one of the big ones!”

Kay made a childish mew, trying to dislodge the water that gone down her throat the wrong way. She slumped further forward.

“Please...don't (spit)...don't...touch (hack)”

A sudden black out halted her side of the conversation. The world felt hazy, and wet. Kay hoped that the fingers and voices were attached to something kind. Even as she realized she was helpless.

A warm sensation. Furry. It brushed by her face and her stomach.

The storm? She didn't feel her wet cloak sticking to her skin anymore. And her head still throbbed. Alive? She was still alive?
Kay rubbed her forehead with her palm. She remembered the well, and the timbers falling. Trying to recall the rest...
Then she heard the whispers...
"Careful, those big ones can be dangerous. Just the size alone…"

“But then why did you bring it here, Mez?”

"But it doesn't look like the others, fact, what are those? They look like the bird's feathers we collect, but attached. They're long and dark, too."

"It smells like a female..."

Kay tried to sit up, banging her shoulder. Ouch. The whole side of her neck and back hurt. She let her eyes open, but it was way too dark for her eyes to adjust. And then she smelled the dirt.

A furry body brushed against her hip.

"I think she looks pretty, " a much younger voice murmured close.

“Shh, Tawny.” Then the voice swung to another, “Tora, I sense something odd, but even I could see that this one is harmless...”

Kay tried to keep the fear out of her voice. "Hello?" How tight was this space? Claustrophobia was a weakness of hers, she freaked out in tight spaces. She had been trapped before. And she caught herself rubbing her wrist, the scar there was feeling numb. She then touched her forehead again. "Ugh, my head hurts."
"Here..." the same voice was more distinct. "Chew this..."

It felt like a root. Kay rubbed it in her fingers a moment before she put it to her mouth. Bitter. She ingested, keeping the taste to a minimum. But it seemed to work. The pain was going away. She then began to feel around, hoping to find the lighter she kept on in her pockets for emergency light.

“You don't see well underground.” the older voice said softly, for once. Seeing that she was scared. Kay gulped, unsure. “Mez, would you...”

“..Get the fire. Still...”

“She's not gonna hurt anybody, Tora.” The other voice was still very breezy. Kay couldn't tell if it was male or female. And then the fire lit up all of them.

And Kay almost swallowed her tongue in surprise. The furry bodies she had come in contact with were attached to the bodies of...well, the top looked human, like her figure. But then the younger voice she found was nestled into side. The lower bodies were gopher, or badger-like. Animals that dug burrows in the soil. They had long arms and fingers shaped for digging. She gritted her teeth, realizing that her fear was causing her to hyperventilate. But there was space here, which surprised her more.

“You aren't one of the big ones...”

Then she and the one she realized called Mez said the same thing at the same time.

“What are you?”

“You have, bird wings, no there are bat portions, too… you aren't one of the big ones, well, the size of you is the same, but you don't look like they do...”

Kay wasn't sure what the creature meant, but figured they would tell her what they were, in time.

“What-what do you mean by 'big ones'?”

The female chuckled. “The ones who have those..what did you call them, Blu?” She turned to an adolescent looking one, as she nursed an infant. “Ma-chins?”

“Machines, Mama. The ones that turn the earth over...”

Kay gave an amused, sarcastic grunt. “You mean, the farmers?”

Blu seemed to blush, but then a girl-burrower about the same age nudged him. “Not all, there were some that had this smelly stuff with the dirt machines. They made the black hard stuff and the long gray tunnels...”

“You mean, the road work? Construction workers?” Kay then paused. “Oh, they call themselves, humans, I think...”

“Then what are you?” The girl one asked point blank. Like young ones do.

“Tawny!” The nursing female scolded.

Kay gave a shrug, letting the question be mulled over. “I-I really don't know.” With that, she opened her dark wings, shaking off some dirt. Then realizing that that her clothes were still damp, she pulled the wings around herself as a shield. “I’ve been called, 'the winged brat, and a few others that I don't like repeating...” She then found that her necklace, picking up the wooden pendant piece. “I just have this, and I don't know what the mark on it is...”

She stopped, dropping the wooden disk. It was unimportant, at the moment. Her shoulder felt bruised. The roof pieces must have struck her there the hardest.

“I do have a name, it's Kay”

Tawny rested her head against Kay's folded knee. Being careful, Kay reached out gently, and brushed back the tawny colored hair. The girl-burrower seemed to shy, but in seeing her acting the same way, met her more than halfway.

“Either way, the babies need to go to bed, and with your injuries, Kay, you can rest where you are.”

Kay gave a half smile, then abruptly sneezed, twice. Ooo, her wings fluffed, and she heard a giggle. Well, that had always be involuntary. She couldn't help it, though it probably did look funny.

She sniffed. “My cloak?”

“Not dry, but we really only have thin blanket...”

Mez poked at the fire with another stick. “If she stays close to the vent here, she should stay warm. But she does need to dry off more...”

Kay nodded, wrapping her wings around. But when she saw the blanket, she realized that it would really only cover her halfway. The younger ones had been moved out of the room, however she wasn't sure if she should change.

“Go on,” Mez's voice came from a different part of the burrow. “We aren't watching, and you do need to change before you catch cold...”

Another tickle to her nose made her finally agree. Kay found that the blanket did cover where she wanted it to, but she did lean to the fire to warm her cold fingers and toes.

With that movement, she tried to curl in her wings to sleep. They did absorb some of the warmth. Her body protested some as she laid down. Of course, there some pain.

As for her thoughts, she tried to drown them out.

She woke to feel something smoothing down her hair, a gentle petting. It startled her awake.

The furry body next to her made her realize that it was the braver Tawny. But her abrupt movement made the other one dart back.

“Is something wrong?” both of them asked together.

Kay paused, then wiped at her face. Tawny pointed out what had caught her attention.

“You were crying...”

Oh. Oh no, not again. Kay did feel that her eyes were raw. Her nightmares—no, memories—did this to her almost, but not every, night. Sometimes she could wear herself out to the point her sleep was dreamless, but in this burrow…

“Mama saw that you had been hurt before. She didn't want any of us to say anything. At least to where the babies could understand.”

Kay did know she had some visible scars. And the blanket she had tied to cover herself didn't hide them very well. She curled a little tighter into her wings.

“You're an interesting friend...”

Kay felt a small bit of smile try to show. “You want to be my friend?”

Tawny grinned rather widely. “Why not?” She tucked into one of the wings. “You look like you could use one.”

Kay shook her head, in amused way. “I guess I do.” She put her arm around the little creature. Tawny held up something between two of her long fingers. “I found this between the burrow and the roots of the tree. You know, the really large one. The one that...”

“The one that had crashed into that large house...” Kay murmured. “I do know which one you mean.” She shook her head, again. “I guess that makes you, a Burroot, huh?”

“Just like Mama, Papa, and Tora calls us.”

Kay also recognized the little thing as a flower she liked. “A bluebonnet. These are always wild and pretty.”

Tawny gave another giggle, but as she did, the blossom began to grow… and glow. Kay gasped, dropping it. It took to the dirt easily, and even in the dark, it continued until it had matured about five blooms. Then the glow faded…

“Ma-ma-ma...” Kay sputtered.

Tawny titled her head, wondering why Kay looked so startled. “Machines?”

Kay again shook her head, but this time to absorb and get her mind to wrap around what she had seen. “No..Magic. You do magic?!”

Tawny giggled again. “All of us do. Even you, but I don't think you know you can...”

Edit:I guess the PDF and the HTML are not loading worth a hoot. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

Candlelight 'I love you'

He, instead, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, then placed his hand on my cheek. The wings circled around us both. Another kiss, still sweet and gentle. The cooling breeze of the dusk brushed by my back. The tree made a slight rustle in the wind. I let my tongue play about his. My heart was quickening, I think, matching to his…

“You once whispered something to me,” he tenderly grinned, “What was it?”
I cuddled deeper into his chest. “I thought you knew, it was, I love you.”



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